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Accelerated Regulatory Reform Initiative

Governor Chafee announced on September 12, 2012, his initiative to accelerate a recently enacted regulatory review process, by directing agencies to reduce their review timeframe from four years to just over a year.

Program Overview

The General Assembly passed and Governor Chafee signed into law a measure that requires each agency to review 25 percent of its regulations each year for four years until all existing regulations have been evaluated for any adverse impacts on small businesses. As required by 2012 Public Law 445, the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) developed an economic impact statement template for agencies to complete for each regulation.

We currently have 1,642 regulations in the state and the impact of those regulations on small businesses in particular is unclear.

Unsatisfied with a four-year review period to determine the impact of regulations on Rhode Island small businesses, Governor Chafee announced his initiative to accelerate this regulatory review by directing regulatory entities to complete an evaluation of 25 percent of its regulations within a 120-day review period by December 31, 2012. This process will continue until all state regulations have been reviewed for any adverse impacts on small businesses, well in advance of the original four year timeframe. ORR provides ongoing technical assistance to agencies throughout this initiative.

Each regulatory entity will provide ORR with recommendations to revise, repeal, or keep the regulations based on its reviews, including for regulations that are mandated by state or federal statutes. ORR will have 90 days to review those recommendations.

Activity to Date